November 16, 2015


About the conference:

The Business Advancement Conference will help you take your business and brand to the next level with its workshop-style format. At the Business Advancement Conference (BAC) we will educate, elevate, empower and excite entrepreneurs, small to medium-sized business owners, bloggers, business-oriented individuals, and strong career-minded individuals about their business/brand.

At BAC, attendees will learn how to efficiently plan for their business, branding, networking, do-it-yourself public relations, email marketing, key tips for blogging, SEO essentials, financial planning, legalities for all business types and much more!

This conference will help attendees take control of their business and brand by providing the necessary tools and resources to win in every aspect of their business life.

Who this conference will serve: entrepreneurs, small businesses, medium-sized businesses, bloggers, business-oriented individuals, career-driven individuals trying to take their brand to the next level and college students looking to brand themselves for their perfect career.

Email: with any questions.

Check out April 2016 BAC, below!


Meet The Producer of The Business Advancement Conference: Kiersten Kindred of Kindred Communications (click here)

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