January 16, 2016

BAC Influencers

What is a BAC Influencer?

As a business owner, brand or business professional you understand the struggle of trying to find the resources and tools you need for your brand. Here at BAC, we want to help you eliminate your stress by connecting you with the resources you need to succeed. Check out below our list of BAC Influencers making waves in every industry needed for your business in Houston and surrounding cities.

NOTICE: We are now accepting applications for BAC Influencers 2017-2018! Send your information to info@kcfirm.com to learn more!

Until then, check out some of our amazing BAC Influencers at last years conference!


    1. Kiersten Kindred (The Communications Belle) | Website: http://www.kcfirm.com/
    2. Dee & Brian Bleifeld (CPA) | Website: http://www.bleifeldcpa.com/
    3. Monique Holmes (Sales Strategist) | Website: http://www.thesavvysalesstrategist.com/
    4. Nir Leibovich (Employee Benefits + HR Software) | Website: https://www.goco.io/
    5. Carlos A. Hernandez (Legal Shield, On-Call Legal Services) | Website: legalshield.com/hub/swiftlogisticsinc
    6. Jena Rodriguez (Be The Brand Live) | Website:www.BrandWithJena.com
    7. Cindy Menjivar (Kardia Design Studio, Branding + Web Design) | Website: www.kardiadesigns.com
    8. Brittany Bluford (Brittany Nichelle & Co: Content Creator, Storyteller, and Grammar Nazi) | Website: http://brittanynichelleandco.com
    9. Althea Morris (Primerica, Financial Services/Real Estate Sales) | Website: www.primerica.com/altheamorris
    10. Amy Malkan (Personal Development + Artistry) | Website: www.amymalkan.com


More coming soon…