Meet A BAC Speaker: Kirsten Oliphant

1) What is your name, title, and company name?  

Kirsten Oliphant, writer/blogger/podcaster, Create If Writing

2) How did you get into your industry? 

I got my MFA in Fiction, but with four small children, writing fiction doesn’t work right now. I have been blogging for years, so I founded Create If Writing, which helps writers & bloggers build an authentic and effective platform.

3) How did you find and finalize your life’s passion? 

I definitely don’t think it’s finalized! I doubt I’ll ever be a finished product. My over-arching passion is connecting content-creators with their ideal audience. I love writing and teaching, so this is the perfect combination. I hope I’m always growing and learning!

4) What are two tips of advice you would give to someone trying to get into your industry/career/profession?

Always be willing to learn. The internet is always changing and you have to be a little wily to keep up! The second tip would be to give freely without expecting anything in return.

kirsten oliphant headshot5) What was the best piece of advice you received in your career?

Stop paying for the things that aren’t directly impacting your income when you are starting out.

6) What can attendees look most forward to in your BAC session, The Art of Crafting The Perfect Brand Story?

I hope that people will walk away with a sense of why story is important and how knowing their brand story relates to a real and effective connection with the ideal clients.

7) Why do you think the Business Advancement Conference is important to the business community?

I think that it’s important to connect as a local community and to gather resources so we can learn from one another.

8) What do you think makes the Business Advancement Conference different than other conferences? 

I think there is an attention to detail and a commitment to excellence that makes the BAC stand out.

Check out more of Kirsten Oliphant (here).

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