Meet A #BACHou16 Speaker: Ronald Richmond

What is your name, title, and company name?

– Ronald H. Richmond II, I’m a Lead Agent for Online Sales/Ecommerce, Weebly

How did you get into your industry?

– After receiving my BA in graphic design, I started working in the field focusing primarily on 2D graphics and design for websites.   After doing this for 5 years, I went back to school to get my Master’s in Higher and Post-secondary Education.  After this I worked as a counselor for incoming students at the Art Institute, setting them up for success in their college experience and guiding them through their respective programs.  It was there that I came across Weebly, and moved back into the web industry rather than the route of education.  But my education and experience in higher education has greatly helped me here at Weebly, where I teach, help and guide our customers everyday through the internet and getting their websites and online stores started.

How did you find and finalize your life’s passion?

image1   – It was a total accident.  I’ve always known that I liked art and being creative, but I didn’t really have much direction.  I was drawing since I could grip a crayon, and was always highly encouraged by my family.  But it wasn’t until high school that I figured out how much I enjoyed the industry of graphic and web design.  My junior year of high school I showed up on the first day to be told that I had only been scheduled for 2 classes, AP composition and AP US history.  Both classes I was supposed to be in, but all of the other classes I registered for were lost due to some error in their system.  I was able to get into the classes that were necessary, math, Spanish and physics, but all of the electives I had chosen were now full.  So without even knowing what graphic design was, I registered for it simply because it was available.  But it was in this random class that I ended up falling in love with the industry of graphic design.  So much so that I went well beyond the teacher’s curriculum and even started teaching him a few things by the end of it.  It wasn’t until later, however that I came to realize I also loved talking with people and helping them to find success in what they do.  This is why I pursued teaching and education for a bit.  I’m thankful I did, however, cause it lead me to Weebly where I’m helping and teaching people everyday in an industry that I have a great deal of passion for.

What are two tips of advice you would give to someone trying to get into your industry/career/profession?

-Don't judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree- - Albert Einstein  – “Don’t judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree” – Albert Einstein.  When I’m helping people create a website, I’m teaching them something that they’ve never done before, and potentially something they find intimidating.  And in my line of work you have to understand that that’s okay.  If they were an expert, I may not have a job.  Understanding that and having the patience to teach them is a valuable asset.

– Think outside the box.  I deal with different people with different businesses and ideas from all over the world.  Sometimes they have a vision for what they want their site to look like, and other times they don’t.  In those moments you need to be able to paint a picture of their online experience and site regardless of what their business entails.

What was the best piece of advice you received in your career?

– Don’t let yourself be a carbon copy of anyone else.  Take what you learned, process it, and make it your own.

What can attendees look most forward to in your BAC session: “How To Build A Website and Online Store in 30 minutes”?

Large-Blue-Logotype – A demonstration of how simple Weebly’s made it to create your online presence and store, in addition to some best practices to implement keeping your site running strong.

Why do you think the Business Advancement Conference is important to the business community?

– Every small business owner I talked to will tell you it’s a 24/7 job. There is so much to do on a day to day just to keep it functioning– but learning how to grow takes knowledge. Empowering these business owners in the Houston community with real knowledge of how they can build their business and brand and grow their customer base can make a significant impact almost overnight.

What do you think makes the Business Advancement Conference different than other conferences?

-The fact that this event is being held in the local food bank shows how closely connected it is to the Houston community. And small businesses and entrepreneurs are at the beating heart of every community in America- whether brick and mortar, kitchen table start ups or a mompreneur business, we think it’s pretty inspiring to see people from across the area come together to learn and support each other.

Is there anything else that you’d like to add?

Weebly is proud to be a sponsor of this event and we look forward to helping Houston’s entrepreneurs get started online. We’re taking questions, giving discounts and helping anyone get over the hump of selling on their website.

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