BAC Speaker, Liz Robinson, Talks to 1110-KTEK Business Newsmakers Radio

BAC speaker, Liz Robinson, received the chance to chat with Lou Garino of the Business Newsmakers Radio to chat about her session at the upcoming Business Advancement Conference.

As a business owner, you may just want to focus on your business and not worry about the logistics of web aspects; however, if you want to be successful as a entrepreneur or brand, you must pay attention to every aspect of your business. It takes many components for a business to grow, it will not just be one thing that makes your business or brand increase in sales. One of the aspects that we believe is a critical benefit is SEO (search engine optimization.¬†At Liz’s session, attendees can expect to further their knowledge in SEO, content strategy, keywords, growing online organically and web content.

Hear Liz Robinson chat with Business Newsmakers Radio below to learn more:

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